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JustCloud Review – Want You Need To Know!

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Welcome to my blog, If you’re here then you’ve probably heard about Just Cloud.com. Here you’ll find a comprehensive review, all you need to know about this service, No fluff, no filler just an in-depth investigation.

First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review.  What your about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before signing up.

This is a review site :  Click here for the official supplier


 What is JustCloud?

JustCloud is a Data storage service. Gone are those days when important data were stored in hard copies. These days all major companies have taken their data online. This has given rise to another need – making this data available to you anywhere you have an internet connection. Backup services have become increasing popular and it’s not uncommon for people to look for an economical option for both personal and business use. JustCloud is one such option.

As mentioned above, JustCloud is an economical backup service that allows you to store your music, files, movies and photos securely online so you can access them from anywhere at any point in time. This accessibility is not restricted to computers and desktops only but is also available through your mobile phones. It has been developed by a UK software company. The company specializes in web hosting and online backup services.

Just as the name suggest, they offer simple features making it easy for just about anyone to backup their entire computer and share it with friends, family and colleagues across the globe. The company claims that it offers “premium products and budget prices”. Its low price and easy usage are two factors that have contributed largely to the growing popularity of this product. Many individuals have opted for this product for both their personal use as well as for small business usage.


What Are People Saying About JustCloud

The fact that one the many features of service offered is the ability to access it through your phone does seem to be a big plus to most people.

The drag and drop backup feature is also another favorites among users. Many have claimed that it is this feature that makes the service easy to use.

Customers have also testified that the company stays true to its claims of always developing and their software for a better user experience. JustCloud is always up to date and its updates are easy to install.

Critics too have applauded this backup service though many of them agree that it may not be the best in the market. According to them, this service is ideal for people with one personal users and small companies requiring access across multiple devices.

Click here for the official supplier

Pros of JustCloud

Thumbs up and downThe biggest plus point about this online backup service is that it offers selective file syncing across multiple devices.

You can also share data with family and friends which also includes a privacy sharing feature.

There are no file type restrictions which means you can backup, store and share just about any file on your computer. The service is supported by both PC, MAC and Linux. According to Justcloud official website it claims to be Encrypted And Secure.

The service also has a mobile application for iphone and Android smartphones.

The service is easy to use and very budget friendly. The Anytime Money Back guarantee is also an added advantage which users can make the most of. The service also offers a scheduled backup feature which includes default, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly options.

The 24/7 customer support through email and phone is a feature that most customers have marked as one of the biggest advantages of this product.


Cons of JustCloud

Thumbs up and downWe’ve read the terms & conditions and pick out the most important parts you need to know.  What we’ve found it that when you get the 6 /12/24 months package if you terminate your contact early they will charge you a $14.95 fee for failure to complete your contract term. This does not apply to a monthly contract.

Most users generally opt for 2 years plan as this gives them the greatest discount, However beware that justcloud will charge you for the 2 years upfront and as discussed above you can cancel and get a refund after the 30 day money back guarantee, but they will charge you a termination fee of $14.95.

There are some drawback of JustCloud such as the file size limit. The maximum backup of single files are 10Gb, automated backup have a maxium file size of 1GB but this can increase to 5Gb for an extra charge of $19.95 per year.

This file size limitation can sometimes becomes problematic for certain people wanting to backup larger files, but for the average user it is more than ample.


The service is available in three packages. The Home package is the cheapest of the lot and gives you 75GB of online storage space. The next package is the Premium package that offers 250GB space and the Unlimited package that give you unlimited storage.

All packages can be bought with 1 month, 6months 1 year or 2 years.

The prices vary from:

1GB FREE Space Each Month

$4.49 to 6.95 for the home package which is 75Gb.

$4.95 to $7.95 for Premium which is 250GB

$6.95 to $9.95 for Unlimited storage

All accounts come with Unlimited File Sharing and a  30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


All in all, JustCloud is a seems to be a perfect online backup service for those who have data that they need access to 24/7 from their PC, MAC, Linux, phone apps and even directly from the justcloud website. However as mentioned in the article there can be some things to be aware of such as file size limit of 10gb per file. This service is only available from the Official site, which you can visit via the link I’ve provided below….


Click here to visit JustClouds Official Website






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